British Gold Panning In Scotland

If we have learnt anything from George W. Bush it is that being rich does not mean being clever. Money comes to anyone – dumb, smart, tall or short. It is matter of being born into money, working hard or getting lucky.

And the if you feel as though your luck is in, you should get along to Wanlockhead – the highest village in Scotland – for the British Gold Panning Championships. The event takes place in May .

Fashion Victims: Why Poor People In Poor Countries Get Less Wages

War on Want is making noises again about how little sweatshop workers are paid in factories overseas.

Simon McRae, senior campaigns officer for War on Want, said: “This report exposes retailers’ empty rhetoric on ethical treatment for workers who make their clothes but remain trapped in poverty.” Staff in Bangladesh earn 7% of a UK living wage – even taking into account the cheaper cost of living. This compares with 9% of a UK living wage earned by the average garment worker in India, 11% in China and Vietnam, 14% in Thailand and 25% in Morocco.

Tax-Free Ways To Get Rich (And Poor Just As Fast)

All investments carry a certain degree of risk. More often than not, the smaller the risk, the flatter the returns; the bigger the risk, the more dramatic the returns – and the losses.

Chelsea And England Captain John Terry’s 99% Pay Cut – And Gordon Brown Should Earn Less

That, judging from a yougov poll for the Fabians, is what the British public would like to inflict on the Chelsea player, reckoned to be the top division’s highest earner, writes The Croydonian.

Questions Raised Over Road Pricing Scheme

As the quest to get motorists off the overcrowded roads and into already crowded and over-priced trains continues, serious questions have been raised over the Government’s plans to introduce nationwide road pricing.

£44,000 eBay Surprise For Playstation Fan

Playstation Theft

You never know what you might find on eBay – a stuffed platypus, used knickers or maybe even forty four grand stuffed in a Playstation box. That’s what an unnamed 16-year-old found after paying £95 for a second-hand games console on the auction site.
On finding the £44,000 in euros in the box, the boy, from Aylsham, Norfolk, told his parents who immediately contacted the local police and handed over the money to officers.

London Olympics 2012 – A Financial Odyssey

London Olympics 2012

With the original 2012 Olympic budget already trebled to a whopping £9billion, it comes as no surprise that a new report from the Public Accounts Committee is rather critical of the Government’s handling of the Games.

The public spending watchdog says the Government has left itself “financially exposed” over the Olympics and is at risk of letting costs spiral out of control.